SASER English Language Panel

In 2015, we have six English Language teachers and that number is a blessing! Here are the teachers and the Head of Language Department.

Head of language Department : Pn Unaizah bt Mohd Attas

Head of English Language Panel : Pn Zahuren bt Abdul Kadir

English Language Teachers :

  • Pn Hjh Rogayah Haron (HOP of EST)
  • Mr Hafidzullah Helmy b Abu Bakar
  • Pn Suhaidah Rosli
  • Pn Lim Chui Hoon
  • Pn Unaizah Mohd Attas


  1. anonymity Said:

    you synopsis had many grammer mistake

  2. Laughing Buddha Said:

    Hmmmmmm…you meant ” your synopsis … “

    • abahtesl Said:

      and grammer mistake meant “grammar mistake…”

      • saodahajil Said:

        it’s easy to see other’s mistake, at the same time not realizing own mistakes.. 🙂

      • Kimie Said:

        haha.. someone correcting someone else about grammar, at the same time also committing numerous other mistakes.. lol!!! good try though 🙂

  3. Zulqurnain Bin Othman Said:

    i have just discover about this informaive site, it is a good effort put on this in inculcating the interest to read more on literary works. well done to those who manage all these, i have been longing to see such development as i am aware on how mistakenly people take literature. it is long gaze predicament for our society as to bring the didactic element education. Two thumbs up! this is very good and great work u guys put on!!

  4. G Said:

    its interesting to know that teacher’s put up the effort to create blog sites that can help deliver more information, nonetheless, literature should not be about memorizing the fats that you have given. one thing about KBSM Literature Analysis is that, its not as critical and analytical as the American and British Literature.

    We need to thoroughly review the syllabus and produce students who can study and analyze literary texts on their own, not by spoon fed notes like this. they end up regurgitating them in the examination.

    And this seriously defeats the purpose of learning Literature in the first place.

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