In The Midst of Hardship by Latiff Mohidin

In the Midst of Hardship by Latiff Mohidin

At dawn they returned home

their soaky clothes torn

and approached the stove

their limbs marked by scratches

their legs full of wounds

but on their brows

there was not a sign of despair

The whole day and night just passed

they had to brave the horrendous flood

in the water all the time

between bloated carcasses

and tiny chips of tree barks

desperately looking for their son’s

albino buffalo that was never found

They were born amidst hardship

and grew up without a sigh or a complaint

now they are in the kitchen, making

jokes while rolling their ciggarete leaves


This poem is about a family who faces  hardship whereby their son’s albino buffalo is nowhere to be found. A flood occurs and they go out to find the buffalo. They reach home early in the morning without the buffalo and yet there is no  sign of despair in them. Meanwhile, they can still crack jokes and roll the cigarettes.



They returned home at day break and headed for the stove. This is probably because they were hungry. However, I have also received some feedbacks saying that they went straight to the stove to dry themselves as they were drenched with the flood water. Their clothes were soaking wet and tattered. Their bodies were covered with scratches and wounds. Yet, they did not display any signs of being worried.


They were out in the flood the whole day and night. They were surrounded by dead animals and parts of trees that had been destroyed by the flood. We know that the animals were already dead because of the phrase ‘bloated carcasses’. They searched desperately for their son’s albino buffalo but were unable to find it.


They were born into poverty and difficulty, but they do not complain about their suffer. Instead, they sit in the kitchen, cracking jokes while smoking cigarettes. This shows that they face difficulties all the time and this time there is no different. They have inner strength that makes them strong to face any hardship poses to them.


The setting of the poem is in the house.


  • Being resilience when facing hardship
  • Family love
  • Acceptance of way of life


  1. We should learn to accept problems in life with a positive outlook.
  2. We must attempt to face and solve problem.
  3. Facing hardship is part and parcel of life.
  4. If we face a problem, do not feel despair.


  • Understanding and sympathetic
  • Acceptance of situation


  • Third person pint of view.


  • Language is simple and easy to understand.
  • The style is simple with no rhyming scheme.


  • Imagery – Gives picture of poet’s thoughts e.g ‘soaky clothes torn’ and ‘legs full of wounds’
  • Alliteration – e.g. ‘but on their brows’
  • Symbols – e.g. ‘horrendous flood’ and ‘bloating carcasses’
  • Diction – e.g. ‘stove’ and ‘brows



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      They were searching for their son’s albino buffalo. This poem wants to convey the hardship that they endured and even though they saw many dead animals floating because of the flood, they were still searching for the buffalo. It is important to know that they did not complain and did not lose hope as they were used to difficult life. i hope that answers ur question.

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    so, are they considering the buffalo as their son or as their son’s buffalo?

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    • zahuren Said:

      There’s a book called ‘Sajak-sajak Lengkap Latif Mohidin’. It will cost you RM 180. You can buy it at Galeri Petronas, Aras 3, KLCC. Hope the book is still there!

    • aisyah Said:

      Dalam Bencana
      Mereka pulang ke rumah
      Waktu subuh hari
      Dengan pakaian robek basah
      Menghampiri tungku api
      Lengan mereka penuh calar
      Kaki mereka penuh luka
      Tapi di kening mereka
      Tidak kelihatan rasa kecewa
      Sehari semalaman
      Mereka mengharungi banjir
      Berendam antara bangkai ternakan
      Dan serpihan kulit tumbuhan
      Kerbau balar si buyung
      Masih belum ditemui
      Mereka dilahirkan dlm bencana
      Tidak ada keluhan dan kutukan
      Kini mereka berjenaka di dapur
      Sambil menggulung rokok daun

  7. 2010 Said:

    i also agree what faridah said..i also dont understand that they looking desperately for their son or their son’s buffalo?

    • zahiah Said:

      they are looking for their son’s albino buffalo. they are looking for an albino buffalo belongs to the son. the son has an albino buffalo and now is missing. so they are looking/searching for it.

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    Dalam Bencana

    Mereka pulang ke rumah
    waktu subuh hari
    dengan pakaian robek basah
    menghampiri api tungku
    lengan mereka penuh calar
    kaki mereka penuh luka
    tapi di kening mereka
    tidak kelihatan rasa kecewa

    Sehari semalaman
    mereka mengharungi banjir
    berendam antara bangkai ternakan
    dan serpihan kulit tumbuhan
    kerbau balar si buyung
    masih belum ditemui.

    Mereka dilahirkan dalam bencana
    tidak ada keluhan dan kutukan
    kini mereka berjenaka di dapur
    sambil menggulung rokok daun.


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        It is so sad to read such sentences. Even adults who call themselves university graduates write like this. Do not be shocked if you find masters and PHD holders writing such rubbishy sentences! The rot in Malaysia cuts across the board. Many adults do not know their prepositions and many are unable to differentiate between nouns,verbs and adjectives when it comes to spelling e.g. resilient and resilience,no? LOL

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    In the midst of hardship in Malay:


    Pada waktu senja mereka pulang ke rumah,
    baju basah mereka telah koyak,
    mereka berjalan ke arah dapur,
    tangan mereka penuh dengan calar,
    kaki mereka penuh dengan luka,
    tetapi pada muka mereka,
    langsung tidak ada perasaan kecewa.

    Satu hari dan satu malam baru berlepas,
    mereka perlu menghadapi banjir besar ini dengan berani,
    sepanjang masa berada dalam air,
    berada di antara barangan yang terapung di permukaan air,
    serta bahan-bahan pecahan yang kecil,
    asyik mencari kerbau kepunyaan anak mereka,
    yang akhirnya tidak dapat dijumpa juga.

    Mereka dilahirkan dalam kesusahan,
    dan membesar tanpa mengadu atau mengeluh,
    sekarang mereka berada di dapur,
    sambil bergurau sambil menggulungkan daun tembakau.

    • zahuren Said:

      Thanks Daniel for the Malay version of the poem..It helps other visitors of this blog too.

      • Honey Haniff Said:

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      I think the original version is Dalam Bencana and it slightly different from this one..but it still brings the same meaning and interpretation… =)

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      salam…i’m working on it. Now I’m using step by wicked step for the form 5 students. Will inform you later.

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      • zahuren Said:

        Approached the stove means that the family go near the stove..As you know, the stove must be inside the why do people go to the kitchen? Why do you go to the kitchen?
        Why do they keep on looking for the albino buffalo? It’s because it is the only property that they have. Shouldn’t we look for our missing property? 🙂
        I hope I have answered your question… Happy 2014!!

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      I think it tells the readers that even though the albino buffalo is very rare to be found, they still can crack jokes and are not worried with the plight that they are facing.

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    well i thing it should be :’cracking jokes while rolling cigarettes leves’
    a…..if what i say on above is not correct, i apologize to teacher who translate it at here….

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      It’s ok Zero..They are rolling the cigarette leaves because they are making a cigarette using leaves. This is not the cigarette that you see nowadays. It’s a simple one with tobacco inside the leaves.

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    • zahuren Said:

      1. The son’s albino buffalo.
      2. They did not manage to find the buffalo.

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      Well, we can say that in life, there are many problems. How we take and handle the problems is what that matters. We should accept problems in life in a positive way. Based on the flood and the rain mentioned, it could be the monsoon season.

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        It’s ok Arial. ‘They were born amidst hardship’ in the last stanza suggests that they are poor.

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    I’m posting this cos I need to ask your opinion. My son’s Eng teacher in Form 4 says that in this poem, the men here actually refer to the entire village; the villagers are so closely-knit it is as though they are all family. But I read reference books and my own personal interpretation is that the poem is focussing on ONE family in particular. I was wondering why the teacher said that? Is this point mentioned in the notes/CDs supplied by Kementerian? Not one reference book mentions that the family here is the entire village. I was surprised when my son told me about it, cos it puts a whole new interpretation on the poem. In SPM, do you think both interpretations would be accepted? I think so, cos Literature is so subjective. I’d be grateful if you tell me your personal views on this. Thanks.

    • zahuren Said:

      Hi Myra. Haha..never thought that we have that much in common. As far as I’m, concerned, I believe that ‘they’ in the poem refers to the parents of the son who lost the albino buffalo. However, in the larger context, it may represent those who are involved in the same plight. In SPM, as literature is subjective I believe whatever interpretation it might be, it must always be justified. This is my personal view.

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    what does it mean?
    is it they approached the stove because they were hungry or because they were soaking wet and need to dried up as the kitchen then used the traditional stove (dapur arang)?
    thank you in advance

    • zahuren Said:

      Most probably they are hungry as they have left the house for almost one day. Most probably they have not eaten for the whole night. Plus, it is in the morning and they might want to have breakfast. There is also possibility that they want to dry themselves but I think the first reason is more concrete.

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      Because they are searching for the albino buffalo during the flood. Of course they are in the water all the time.

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    • zahuren Said:

      We know the family is poor because they treasure the buffalo that much until they are willing to search for the missing buffalo through the day and night. Furthermore, if they were rich, why would they search for the buffalo for themselves? And why they keep a buffalo? They might want to keep other exotic animals as pets ;P

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    By the way, love your blog !

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    I really wish you’d work on your grammar. Also, note that the main point is not the fact that the buffalo went missing, I’m not sure why you keep focusing on that in your overall synopsis. Otherwise, not a bad effort.

    • zahuren Said:

      Please highlight the grammatical error as I might not realise it. Well, it suits you well if you think that the buffalo went missing as it is up to individuals what they want to focus on 🙂

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    • zahuren Said:

      The carcasses have been dead for some times so they are bloated.

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