He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo

He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo

He had such quiet eyes

She did not realise

They were two pools of lies

Layered with thinnest ice

To her, those wuiet eyes

Were breathing desolate sighs

Imploring her to be nice

And to render him paradise

If only she’d been wise

And had listened to the advice

Never to compromise

With pleasure-seeking guys

She’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’

Now here’s a bit of advice

Be sure that nice really nice

Then you’ll never be losing at dice

Though you lose your heart once or twice


This poem is about a lady who falls in love with the wrong man. She is fascinated with his eyes that seem to lure her to give him paradise. The man has a pair of quiet eyes that she does not realise they are not that quiet. As she is ‘charmed’ by the eyes, she does not listen to the advice given by other people who are concerned with her behaviour. In the end, she realises her mistakes and is broken hearted.


  • Betrayal of love
  • Personal experiences
  • Relationships that are meaningful


  • Don’t be naive and believe everything we are told especially in matters of the heart.
  • Be wise when choosing friends.
  • Falling in love is normal but one should be careful.
  • We must learn from the experience of other people.
  • We should be very careful not to give in our principle in order to please other people.


  • Refelective
  • Sad and happy
  • Sympathetic


  • Second and third person points of view


  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Simple style with rhyming scheme


  • sighs – long, deep audible breaths
  • eyes – a pair of organs of sight
  • advice – guidance
  • desolate – unhappy and uninhabited
  • pleasure-seeking – looking for a feeling of happy satisfaction
  • dice – a small cube with each side having a different number ranging from 1 to 6
  • layered – arranged in layers
  • lies – intentional false statements
  • realise – become aware
  • compromise – agree
  • paradise – heaven
  • render – provide or give help
  • imploring – begging desperately
  • wise – having knowledge and good judgement



  1. abigail Said:

    cn u gv me the synopsis of the stanza ??

    • madihah Said:


      • kiew Said:

        In the first stanza,
        quiet eyes

        ‘were two pools of lies
        layered with thinnest ice
        ‘ suggest that the man’s eyes are very profound, calm, peaceful, but very deceiving. Like the thin ice on the surface of a lake, it lookstranquil, peaceful, very calm, alluring and also welcoming, but as soon as you set foot on it, it will break and you will drown in the deep, dangerous freezing water and you will not be able to breathe.As for example, the man may say something like “I love you, and if you love me, prove it!” In the poem, the young lady was deceived. She was deceived by the look in his eyes, and thus, she feelsobligated to be nice to him. She wants to prove that she loves him too. This is definitely the effect thathe intended. In being nice to him, she will do anything that he asked, in order to make him happy.

      • yus Said:

        could you give me, setting, mood and poetic device? i hope you are here to help me. please~

    • Dyana Said:

      thanks a lot..but can you give me the synopsis of the stanza 1 to stanza 3..thanks..a good note for me..:)

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  3. ruby lentz Said:

    Thank you Teacher . I can use this for my students. This will help them to understand the poem in a better way.

    • zahuren Said:

      You are welcome. I’m glad this helps the students.

      • wiewien Said:

        how about the synopsis???? can u give me teacher????

      • apek Said:

        i love this poem but not all male are like the guy in that poem you know that!

  4. syaheeda Said:

    thanks for ur notes…

  5. fatiha Said:


    i likethis novel

    • fara Said:

      its not a novel,its a poem actually

  6. fafa Said:

    thanz teacher…

  7. chris Said:

    teacher…can you tell me that the figure of speech in the poem ‘nature’ by H.D Carberry…? Im the form 5 student…thanks…=)

  8. anidah Said:

    thanks so much. after a break of nearly 18 years not teaching english , I found this very helpful and excited to start my lesson with the music video

  9. Mimi Jazman Said:

    thnx for the notes.. helps me with my homework..

  10. seindah senyuman Said:

    this note make me easy,as student to find it…..
    very simple….n nice

  11. shiera nsr Said:

    i'”m very supportive your poem
    and like it..
    thats why i comment..

  12. anonymus Said:

    thanks a lot for this site! 🙂

  13. mikami Said:


  14. Shauqahwardah_shy Said:

    salam..boleh tak beri sye sinopsis poems f4&f5 , sinopsis short story , drma & novel the curse…??? itu je kn literature english yg bru?? thanks ye…=)

    • zahuren Said:

      It’s all in the notes. Feel free to check it out.

    • ennie Said:

      ade short stories baru…tp curse engkau ckp xde kt cni…..curse kami x belajar!!

  15. linda Said:

    i can understand n0w after read the syn0psis..tQ

  16. yen Said:


  17. intan94 Said:

    can you teach me english??

  18. Can i have a sinopsis stanza ?

  19. eman Said:

    salam, dear zahuren, thank for providing us with useful information. i hope you dont mind if i share this with my students. thank you. may God bless u always.

  20. Hi I have a question, describe what happen to the girl When she did notlisten to the advice. please give me an answer as soon as possible.

  21. fatinn Said:

    thanks for ur notes ~ (:

  22. hajar Said:

    how does the man appear to the woman?

    • zahuren Said:

      The woman is cheated by the man. She believes the man is sincere. Little that she knows that the man is a liar.

  23. hani Said:

    hye….can give an event that related with the moral??

    • zahuren Said:

      You need to try and choose the moral value. Then, try to give an event and share it here. This will help you more then just waiting for someone else to give the answer 🙂

  24. Wen Jie Said:

    Teacher, you wrote wrong words there.
    ” To her, those wuiet eyes ”
    and Thanks! 😀

    • zahuren Said:

      Typing error. TQVM 🙂

  25. badrol Said:

    thanks a lot dear colleague..i’ll be sharing with you my materials when they’re done..

  26. indhu Said:

    can u give me more detail about the synopsis teacher?

  27. goh mei ying Said:

    how to write an essay regarding this poem to a friend by letter? my teacher wants it to be 4 pages long…..and i dunno what should i write…..can i write about the moral values in the poem?

  28. Fjying Said:

    i need to pass up by thursday….

  29. Fjying Said:

    how to write an essay to a friend regarding this poem? can i write about the moral values? 😦 the teacher wants us to write 4 pages long…..how?

    • cute cat Said:

      wow…. susahnyer…..

  30. ermaa Said:

    Where i can get the synopsis according to stanza?

  31. EinStein Said:

    i hope this note can help me in the middle year exam
    thanks yaa

  32. EinStein Said:

    what is the phrase ‘pleasure seeking guys” refer to?

  33. Hakimie Said:

    teacher:what does the persona mean by ” she’d be free from “the hows and whys” and what does the he had such quite eyes symbolic in this poem teacher?

  34. outlawchaser Said:

    most students were asking for more when they were given the most of the poem..why don’t u all browse through any reference books that are widely available….you should be grateful when one is willing to share…why don’t u share your thought rather than begging for more..

  35. miniemikey Said:

    which line shows dangerous in poem?

  36. Ray Marco Said:

    Wew, thank you for the synopsis teacher 🙂

  37. shida :) Said:

    can you please help me create an conclusion for this ?

  38. lily stone Said:

    thanx anonymous!!!!! you helped me!! love you!!

  39. FahdaMelisa Said:

    this poem mean a lot,
    thanks for the share..

  40. fazyra ;) Said:

    so nice 🙂

  41. fazyra ;) Said:

    how about synopsis

  42. Nana Said:

    Hye..can you tell me the which one are literary devices??? Thanks…

  43. Hepzibah Said:

    1. The poem ‘He Had Such Quiet Eyes’ is in the _________________ point of view. Help

  44. cute cat Said:

    what the meaning -” She’d be free “the hows and whys””???

  45. sayu hati Said:

    is this poem get in the exam???cseriously

  46. miena Said:

    thanks teacher , hope it can help me in my exam tomorrow.Finally i found this !

  47. Capeek Yassin Said:

    now i need to understand and remember . for the next class , im really sure, ! i can answer the question ! Sorry for my bad english .

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  49. soleha Said:

    thanks to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. sofri Said:


  51. hija Said:


  52. hija Said:


  53. Jocelyn Said:

    what the meaning – “the hows and whys”?

    • zahuren Said:

      The hows and the whys could be the questions that the innocent girl has in mind

      • Jocelyn Said:

        thank you, teacher!!!

    • Anis Farhah Said:

      Don’t you think that hows & whys is the question that other people ask her- like how did this happen ? Why didn’t you listen to us ? How can that be ?…etc..

  54. zalora Said:

    can u give me an interesting event for gulp and gaps,qwertyuiop,and fruitcake special..??pleaseee i hav an exam tmrrw..:(

  55. hazard17 Said:

    oh my english!!!!!!!!!!

  56. henrietta Said:

    teacher,what were the eyes asking of the girl in this poem ? Can u gve me ?

    • zahuren Said:

      The eyes are asking the girl to give him paradise which means the give him pleasure

  57. Robiah Jaffar Said:

    Very useful indeed. i even recommended this to my daughter in the U.K. who is doing TESOL for her final project paper. Thanks again n keep up the good work!

  58. Anis Farhah Said:

    Teacher, can you help answer this question : what does the poet means by ‘ layered with thinest ice ‘ . I really don’t know the answer…. Please help me !

  59. ghah Said:

    teacher..what is the meaning of ‘two pools of lies’? and why do the woman fell for the man?

  60. students can visit my blog too at – http://yasmin-zulaikha.blogspot.com

  61. celauu Said:

    this post really helps me.. A lot.. thank you.. 🙂

  62. nasz mohamad Said:

    tak sangka sy masuk laman ni skli lg… 1st time form 5, 2nd time umur sy 19 .. teima kasih admin.. tetap dalam ingatan kenangan sy -_-..heee

  63. siti hajar Said:

    can you explain what the text want?

  64. this poem tell that woman be carefull from man

  65. maizurah Said:

    hye,nice to meet you 🙂
    what is the means of poet device?

  66. thanks.:)

  67. Evangeline kavee Said:

    This is a good poem

  68. elan raj Said:


  69. amani razali Said:

    thanks a lot..:)..

  70. anmyosi Said:

    i dont understand what meaning quiet eyes

  71. amirah Said:

    thanks teacher that help me a lot!!

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