Are You Still Playing Flute?

The Original Version of the Poem

Masihkah Kau Bermain Seruling oleh Zurinah Hassan

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
walau waktu telah terlewat untuk kita bercinta
aku semakin terasa bersalah
melayani godaan irama
lagu yang tersimpan pada lorong halus buluh
dikeluarkan oleh nafas seniman
diukir oleh bibir
diatur oleh jari
dilayangkan oleh alun angin
menolak ke dasar rasa.

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
ketika kampung semakin sunyi
sawah telah uzur
waktu jadi terlalu mahal
untuk memerhatikan hujan turun
merenung jalur senja
mengutip manik embun
menghidu harum bunga.

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
ketika aku terasa mata bersalah
untuk melayani rasa rindu padamu
di kota yang semakin kusut dan tenat
adik-adikku menganggur dan sakit jiwa
bangsaku dipecahkan oleh politik
saudara diserang bom-bom ganas
dunia sudah terlalu tua dan parah.

Di sinilah berakhirnya percintaan kita
kerana zaman sedang menuntut para seniman
hidup di luar dirinya.


  • Date / Place of birth : 13 June 1949, Alor Setar Kedah.
  • Permanent address : No.2, Jalan Pinggir, 8/1L, Seksyen 8, 40000 Shah Alam since 1974.
  • Academic Qualifications : B.A.Hons (Universiti Sains Malaysia), M.A. (Universiti Putra Malaysia). Doktor Falsafah, Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya.
  • Awards :
    1. Anugerah Penulisan Asia Tenggara (S.E.A. Write Award) 2004
    2. Book Category Award

    i- Pujangga Tidak Bernama, Hadiah Sastera Perdana(1994/1995)

  • ii- Memoir Zurinah Hassan Menjejak Puisi, Hadiah Buku Perpustakaan Negara 2002/2004)
  • iii- Memoir Zurinah Hassan Menjejak Puisi , Hadiah Sastera Perdana 2002/2003.

Are You Still Playing Your Flute? by Zurinah Hassan

Are you still playing your flute?

When there is hardly time for our love

I am feeling guilty

To be longing for your song

The melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo

Uncovered by the breath of an artist

Composed by his fingers

Blown by the wind

To the depth of my heart.

Are you still playing your flute?

In the village so quiet and deserted

Amidst the sick rice fields

While here it has become a luxury

To spend time watching the rain

Gazing at the evening rays

Collecting dew drops

Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers.

Are you still playing your flute?

The more it disturbs my conscience

to be thinking of you

in the hazard of you

my younger brothers unemployed and desperate

my people disunited by politics

my friend slaughtered mercilessly

this world is too old and bleeding.

Thanks toMalaysian Student, you can view the poet’s opinion regarding her own poem


This poem his about a persona who reminisces the time he/she spends when in a village. There are many things that are now luxury to her such as listening to the melody of the flute itself, gazing at the evening rays, collecting dew drops, or enjoying the fragrance of flowers. The village is now unpopulated as many have moved to the city. Now that she has moved on with her life, she wonders whether the flutist is still playing the flute. This is because, there are many challenges in the world today such as the world is dying, the unemployment issue and the people are disunited because of different political views.


  • Family commitments
  • Priorities in life
  • Neglect of one’s duties


  • We should be aware of our family commitments and carry them out properly.
  • Everyone has priorities in, life and we should know what is important and what is not.
  • Following a hobby is good but there is a time for work and a time for play.


  • The poem is the first point of view.
  • The person is addressing another person and describing a situation to him.


  • Rhetorical question
  • Descriptive and questioning
  • Simple style and no rhyme


  • Sombre and regretful
  • Serious atmosphere


  • Imagery – e.g. ‘blown by the wind’, ‘depth of my heart’
  • Alliteration – e.g. ‘fragrance of flowers’
  • Symbol – e.g. ‘flute’, ‘song’
  • Repetition – e.g. ‘Are you still playing your flute?’
  • Figurative Language – Metaphor e.g. ‘The melody concealed in the slime hollow of bamboo – Personification e.g. ‘sick rice field’



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  6. Koh Suat Chin Said:

    Hi. Thanks for posting this online! Did you notice that the last stanza ( from the original BM poem) has been left out in the Anthology sent out to the schools? This seems to have misled most readers as to the real message of the poet. Sigh…

    • zahuren Said:

      Hi! You are welcome. Yes I did notice that they have omitted the last stanza.

      • Luke Said:

        It is because that stanza mentions about LOVE

  7. singleman Said:

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    • zahuren Said:

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  8. I am the poet mentioned here. Sorry to say that there has been a misprint. Look at the last paragraph. In the hazard of you should be in “the hazard of this city”.

    What can I do about this mistake? I was not called to proof read.

    • zahuren Said:

      Salam Pn Zurinah. It’s very sad to know that the version received at schools is not the correct one. But, what can we do? I like this particular poem of yours. It is very meaningful.

    • Koh Suat Chin Said:

      Dear Pn Zurinah,
      What can you do? Well, if I were you, I would contact the people at the CDC and request/demand that they send a letter to the Jabatan Pendidikan of each state, informing them of the mistake, and providing the schools with the correct copy. And, for reprints of the book (which they will have EVERY year for the next 7 or 8 years), demand that the corrct version be printed. Surely we cannot allow all these young people to be studying such a mutilated version of your most meaningful poem.
      Warm regards and once again, thank you for the beautiful poem.

    • Rohaida Ngah Said:

      salam Puan’s quite unfortunate that there’s as misprint in the text. i think it’s not too late to correct it..your poem will be used by Form 5 students starting january 2011. the officers in charge at Curricullum Development Department can be notified and they can send the errata to all schools – via road shows, maybe or simply by sending the corrected version to all schools. it’s so very important that teachers teach the corrected version because we do look at poems line by line..and only then we look at it as a whole, and we also test our students this poem..
      by the way, i’m an english teacher teaching in a Terengganu school and a great fan of yours…
      one officer that you can talk to is Puan Diana Fatimah, i’m pretty sure you’ve come across her during meetings..

    • Hi Madam Zurinah,

      Thanks for pointing that out. In fact, I think the translation does not do justice to your original. To be honest, it’s shoddy!

    • nusyi Said:

      Which one should i refer??
      Either or reference books?

    • outlawchaser Said:

      dear pn zurinah;
      it is shameful to learn that your beautiful poem was misinterpreted…You should have been called to proof read the poem so the translation won’t divert from the original version. I wonder whether the translator is qualified enough to do the translation or the poem was translated based on his/her own interpretation.

      • nab Said:

        Dear Pn Zurinah,
        thank you for the info.. I have had difficulties explaining ” in the hazard of you” to my students… now it’s clearer… I definitely agree with the opinion that it should be pointed out to other teachers as a misinterpretation of the original poem…

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  9. Sakinah Hassan Said:

    Salam Zahureen,
    As a teacher myself, I am glad I found your blog as it helps me a lot in my teaching. Thank you!

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      You are most welcome Sakinah. I’m glad that this is helpful to you.

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    • zahuren Said:

      Yes Gee, Pn Zurinah Hassan herself also commented on that. The last stanza is not included in the text. You can read her comment below.

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    • zahuren Said:

      Zurinah Hassan is using a simple and straight forward language. The poem sounds like as if it is addressed to the flautist.

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    • zahuren Said:

      This poem is written by one of the prominent poets in Malaysia which is Zurinah Hassan.

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      The rice field is sick as it is unproductive.

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    I would appreciate it if you could explain the 3rd stanza.
    Why it disturbs your conscience to be thinking of the person?
    Why in the hazard of you?
    Does politics aims to disunite people?
    Why was your friend slaughtered mercilessly”
    Why the negative outlook about this world?
    Thank You.

    • zahuren Said:

      1. Because she should be thinking of the bigger problems.
      2. Because ‘you’ is not in a comfortable zone.
      3. I can’t answer because it depends on individual.
      4. Because of different views
      5. People are free to express their views. This is the poet’s view.

      I hope this answers your questions. Thank you.

      • koh suat chin Said:

        The line “the hazard of you” was a wrong translation actually. It should be “the hazard of the city”.

      • zahuren Said:

        Read what the writer herself commented on that.

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      Please read the notes provided.

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    • zahuren Said:

      I think the question might be ‘Why is the rice paddy field sick?’

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  53. Ong En Oi Said:

    This is my first year teaching Form 5 students. I went through the poem before my first lesson and I got stuck with the line ‘in the hazard of you’. It didn’t make any sense and the reference books were no help. In my opinion, we should stick to poems originally written in English to avoid confusion. There should be poems out there originally written in English with Malaysian ‘flavour’, shouldn’t there? By the way, ‘Masihkah Kau Bermain Seruling’ is lovely.

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      • rosehadiaty yahya Said:

        In regard of the issue, ‘the hazard of the city’, had been mistranslated (i would say), it could mislead the readers in a way bcause literary words give the whole view of the poem. I noticed it recently. By the way, n thank you zahuren for this post. It has enlighten me

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      Unemployed because:
      1. limited job opportunities
      2. lazy
      3. no qualification
      4. jobs are not suitable

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    Teacher, I wanna ask you why the people unemployed and desperate?

    • zahuren Said:

      Unemployed because:
      1. limited job opportunities
      2. lazy
      3. no qualification
      4. jobs are not suitable

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      Unemployed because:
      1. limited job opportunities
      2. lazy
      3. no qualification
      4. jobs are not suitable

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