How to answer question 33?

As I have mentioned earlier, there are many ways to answer this question 33 of the novel. With different students, teachers have different approaches. As for me, I always teach my students steps to answer this question.

Step 1 : Read the question carefully.

Step 2 : Underline the key words (ex : characters, moral values e.t.c) – This part is vital as the students need to determine whether it is plural or singular

Step 3 : Find three main points

Step 4 : Draft your answer. The students must have 5 paragraphs

Paragraph 1 : Introduction (Direct answer to the question)

Paragraph 2 : Main Point 1 + Supporting details + Personal opinion

Paragraph 3 : Main Point 2 + Supporting details + Personal opinion

Paragraph 4 : Main Point 3 + Supporting details + Personal opinion

Paragraph 5 : Conclusion (Restatement of the direct answer + all the main points)


  1. suzana b Said:

    Thank you for sharing this Zahuren. But I believe this approach will always work best for good or at least the aversge ones. I am teaching a very weak classnext year. Do you believe this will work for them too?

    • zahuren Said:

      I believe this works for good or at least average students. This could be a problem to those who do not even understand the question. However, if you are teaching those weak ones, i believe they should at least understand 5 key phrases which are important character, moral value, theme, important event and important decision. This is because, these 5 are the answer to any question 33. This is only my opinion and it may or may not work with your students. However you know your students best and i believe you can adopt and adapt any ways which you think work for them πŸ™‚ gud luck!

      • newtolist Said:

        Do you have any notes/powerpoint slides for the novel “catch us if you can”? My email is
        Many thanks

      • zahuren Said:

        I do have the ppt.By the way, most probably you are teaching in Johor, right? Click here and try to download. Please register first to enable you to download the notes and other stuffs πŸ™‚

      • R'Atie Yahya Said:

        hello, do u have the ppt for Catch us if you can? I am an English teacher from Kelantan and teaching the weaker class.

      • zahuren Said:

        Hey there! I don’t think I have the ppt fir Catch Us If You Can…but I will upload it if I can get it πŸ™‚

  2. wow that fantastic baby

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