How to download the teaching aid?

Welcome everyone! I have been asked many times to email the teaching materials. It is not possible as the files are big. Even if I use the ‘Send It’ application, it is impossible. If you want to download the materials, I have uploaded them using Take some time to register and you have access to many information! Remember, you have to register before you can download them.

Happy teaching to all  teachers and happy studying to all  students 🙂



  1. student Said:

    hello teacher..i have many question about english grammar
    i’m searching to english teacher in blog and found you..
    can you give me different about this word?
    1.He was playing the ball.
    2.He did not played the ball.
    i’m curious about then to use was and did
    hope you can give me an email to answer that
    thanks you

    • zahuren Said:

      1. He was playing football means that that person was playing football when something else was happening. All these happened in the past.
      2. He did not play football. First, did or did not must be followed by root word. For example, did not play NOT did not played. Another example would be did not go NOT did not gone or did not went. This is not a continuation action unlike no 1. just now.

      I hope this will enlighten you. 🙂

  2. malaysiankid Said:

    Assalamualaikum Teacher,
    I understand that you are a teacher in SASER,so I believe you can help me to become a novelist.
    So would it be kind for you to give me tasks on writing essays?
    Thank you in advance!
    p/s:I’m sorry if the message seems rude.

    • zahuren Said:

      Waalaikumsalam w.b.t,
      Malaysiankid, may I know how old are you?

  3. jane Said:

    Do you have any information on how to teach the living photograph by Jackie Kay. I m new in teaching field really out of idea how to teach my student. Do you have any guideline that i can follow? Please help.

    • zahuren Said:

      On the so busy with tonnes of work at school 🙂

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