Notes and handouts – QWERTYUIOP

You can download the notes and handouts for the short story QWERTYUIOP in .doc now ! Check out the teaching aid! Enjoy !



  1. cipool Said:

    salam..where is the teaching aid link?

    • zahuren Said:

      It should link you the notes and materials.

  2. Fauziah Said:

    Hai…I really need some reference or notes on this short stories or any poem and short stories for form 4…
    I really appreciated it…

  3. Fiona Fulvia Said:

    hi there zahuren…your notes and handouts is a big help to me for my lit form 4 classes. thanks ya!!

    • zahuren Said:

      hi fiona…you are most welcome!

  4. Juanna Risah Said:

    Salam Zahuren, a friend of mine forward ur weblog to my fb. Anyway, it will be a great help if i could have some of the notes especially the f4 literature and Gulp and Gasp. I did ‘click’ but it did not download. Ok, Thank u . Hope to receive ur reply soon.

    • zahuren Said:

      Salam Juanna.
      I’ll try to email u after this. I will email the power point for gulp and gasp. Hope it will help u a lot.

  5. CK TAN Said:

    Dear Zahuran,
    I could not download the materials in your website at all.. could u kindly email the materials for me??
    I would appreciate a lot if u would email the power point for gulp and gasp to me..thanks!!

    • zahuren Said:

      Yes Mr Tan..Will email to you the ppt for gulp and gasp but not sure what other materials you are talking about?

    • zahuren Said:

      I tried to send to you the ppt. Unfortunately it says your email address is invalid.

  6. NaZha Said:

    Hi, please email me the notes. Thank you in advanced and God bless you!

    • zahuren Said:

      Just click the link and you can download the notes.

  7. NaZha Said:

    Do send me a copy please. Tq

  8. adrian Said:

    hi, can u email me the document? docstoc is not working. it wants us to pay for membership.

  9. adrian Said:

    i hope u don’t mind sending all the teaching aids that you have. thanks!

    • zahuren Said:

      OK Adrian. Will send you soon as many have asked about it too.

  10. miss tie Said:

    i’m a new’s relly hard 4 me this all new literature comp. i’m searching but most i found must pay or can’t save…i need all those lit handout..pls mdm emel me.. 😦

    • zahuren Said:

      Orait miss tie…Which notes do you want?

      • miss tie Said:

        literature form4&FORM5…

  11. Nani Said:

    can i get the notes for all the form 4 notes, the QWERTYUIOP and GULP AND GASP? i tried to download but failed. ;( im currently a practical teacher that need to teach form 2 and 4.. hopefully i can get a copy for all form 2 and 4 notes. thank you in advance. god bless you.

  12. bernice Said:

    can u email me the notes for form 4,2 and 1 literature? thank you very much

  13. aishah Said:

    teacher, i cannot get the link to the notes. can you please e-mail it to me? thank you for your help.

  14. Grace Said:

    hey, can you send me the form 4 literature’s notes to me? reply me as soon as possible:) thank you:)

  15. thanks..this note give me some avidence to me..

  16. pinkyrain Said:

    hai zahuren..thanx for all the information,,but,,I really have a problem..I can’t download all notes that u have give..what a very frust thing..well can u share it on your make me easy to read it..thank you..

    • zahuren Said:

      Let me know which one do you need, I can email to you.

  17. fida dean Said:

    hi.i’m new to this 2010 literature comp. mind sharing notes on form 1&2 lit? would very much appreciate it. cheers

    • zahuren Said:

      Since I’m teaching only the form 4 and 5 students, I don’t have access to the notes, sorry.

  18. Lyna Said:

    hey, can you send me the form 4 literature’s notes to me? reply me as soon as possible:) thank you:d
    i hope u can give me as fast u are , bcoz tmorrow i got exam . Thanks ~

  19. Yeon Said:

    You have any Form 2 notes?If have,please sentto my e-mail,thanks very much:D

  20. Anonymous Said:

    hi i would like to noe where is the link for QWERTYUIOP i cannot see it mind emailing me ur material in microsoft word if cannot i dun mind u send me in powerpoint

    • zahuren Said:

      i just updated the link. It is actually under the topic Teaching Aid..check out the Teaching Aid page 🙂

  21. gee ah Said:

    err . zahuren can u send the powerpoint to me ? i can doenload it .

  22. dzarifah Said:

    Sis Zahurin, I am coaching my disabled child for his spm this yr. He is a private candidate, thus really appreciate if you could share the notes or ppt as well. I am an eng techer also but in a primary sch.

    • zahuren Said:

      Dear dzarifah,
      May I know which notes are not available for you?

  23. piqa azalie Said:

    hmm , i cant download this .

  24. Vinaa Said:

    My question is – I need a opinian about the character of Lucy Beck ? Please 😥

  25. Cik_RB Said:


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